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Predicting Dynamic Potential Distributions and Space-Charge Layers in Solid State Battery Systems

High Performance Conformal 3D Battery Architectures for Solid State Storage

Conformal Thin-Film Solid Electrolyte Synthesis Enabled by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Mitigating Degradation with Nanoscale Precision: Ultrathin ALD LiPON for Electrode Protection Layers

Thin Film Solid State Battery Enables Analog Memory for Neuromorphic Computing

Quantifying irreversible structural & chemical evolution in dynamic lithiation/delithiation processes

Signature of stress-assisted Li+ diffusion for solid-state batteries

A new synthesis process for Li+ conductive thin film ionogels

Nature-designed carbonized-wood scaffold for reversible Li+ cycling

Surface coating design to stabilize nanostructured Si electrode during lithiation

Modeling non-uniform Li transport in solid-state 3D Li-ion batteries

What is "voltage" at atomic lengthscale in battery electrodes?

From electron tunneling model to anode protection

Water-activated Mg2+ insertion into MnO2 nanostructure electrode

Direct electrical signatures of degradation & failure

100K cycles & beyond: extraordinary cycle stability using gel electrolyte

Carbonized leaf membrane as Na+ battery anode

Balancing meso-structural stability & ionic transport

Improving Lithium Battery Performance by Characterizing Native Processes

ALD Protection of Next-Generation Metal Anodes

Single Material All-Solid-State Li-ion Batteries

ALD Solid Electrolytes

Nonuniform Si Loss in Nanowire Anodes during Li Cycling

Precision Nanobatteries by the Billions

Scaling limits for miniature all-solid-state Li-ion battery

Reversible anomalous high Li+ insertion

Approaching limits of transparency and conductivity

Capacity loss due to irreversible Li trapping in AlLi alloy

Rectification of Surface Charge in Single Conical Nanopore

Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Lithographically Patterned Capacitor with Ultra-long Nanowires (NWs)

Charge-Transfer Resistance of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Interfaces

Pioneering Ionic Current Probe of MnO2 Mesorods in Single Nanopore

Nanoglue for Hybrid Nanostructures in Na Ion Anodes

Si Nanowire Anodes with Long Cycle Lives

Hoop-Strong Nanotubes for Battery Electrodes

Interface and Bandgap Engineering at the Nanoscale

Diagnosing Nanoelectronics with Electron Holography (EH)

Energy Textile from Weavable High-Capacity Electrodes

Real Time Observation of Breathable Silicon Beads on a Robust Carbon Nanotube String

Lithium-Assisted Electrochemical Welding in Silicon Nanowire Battery Electrodes

MnO2-Gold Nanowires with Ultra-high Charge Storage

First-Principles Modeling of the Initial Stages of Organic Solvent Decomposition on LixMn2O4(100) Surfaces

Highly flexible pseudocapacitor based on freestanding heterogeneous MnO2/conductive polymer nanowire arrays

Mapping of near field light and fabrication of complex nanopatterns by diffraction lithography

Controlled Growth of Functional Groups Preserves Carbon Nanotube Properties

Real-time Observation of Charging a Single SnO2 Nanowire Anode with Lithium

Lithographic Patterning of α-MnO2 Nanowires On Glass

Virus-Templated Silicon Anode for Li Ion Batteries

Redox Exchange Induced MnO2-Nanoparticle Enrichment in PEDOT Nanowires

Predictions of Ethylene Carbonate Breakdown & Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) Onset

Outer Wall Selectively Oxidized, Water-Soluble Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Electroosmotic Flow Rectification in Membranes with Asymmetric Nanopores - Demonstrating a 'Flow Diode'